Vogue ball Winter Wonderland

15.12.2017 20:00 - 16.12.2017 04:00

DTM, Helsinki

VOGUE BALL with The Grandfather of the House of Ninja, Archie Burnett at DTM!

Welcome to Winter Wonderland! 

Runway: Bring that glow on the stage! Shine like the Northern Lights!

New Way: Show us your athletic feelings inspired by winter sports!

Waacking: It is time for snow to appear… Let your hands show us how the snowflakes are flying!

Best Dressed: Be inspired by wonderful winter time!

Best Drag: Ice sculptures are astonishing and amazing! Bring us your icy diamond self!

Body: Be as cold or as warm as in winter night!

Bizarre: During centuries people have told many stories about winter. Bring Iconic Wintertime Figure on the stage and of course with your own presention!

Femme: Show us your pirouettes and be a superior skating princess!

Entrance 14 € (including door)
Age limit 18 years
DJ Esgrove (Ruff Cut, Bassoradio / The House of Ninja)

20:00 doors open
21:00 Ball starts
00:00 Afterparty at DTM

Come and train with Archie 16th-17th December!